Social Distancing: Geocaching Hunt Through MN State Parks

You Can Hunt For Geocaching Spots At Every MN State Park


I know it’s getting colder, but just put on a coat for this social distancing idea.

I checked out Buffalo River State Park over the weekend. The fall colors are a bit past peak, but still beautiful. All of the trails are lined with leaves. But aside from the natural beauty, I stumbled upon a mysterious box. I had to go check it out. I opened it up and found out it’s part of a statewide scavenger hunt.
It’s called geocaching. You can use a GPS tracker and search for the coordinates to find a box at every Minnesota state park. Click here for more details.

They have the coordinates on the DNR website. I’m just lucky I stumbled onto this one.
Inside they have a guestbook you can sign. You can also leave a small something for the next person to find. Someone left a troll doll in there.

I dropped a couple business cards in because that was all I had.
But if you find the box and find my cards, send me an email telling me you found it!

I won’t spoil the fun and tell you where the box is. You’ll have to find it yourself. I wish I knew about the geocaching earlier. I’ve been to a lot of state parks this year. But we’ve got time. The geocaching hunt lasts through October of 2021.
But now that the weather is turning I’ll need some new ideas soon. Do you have any?

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