Moorhead Compost

Pumpkin recycling helps keeps landfills clean

Clay County's take Jack Back event turns waste into fertilizer

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Don’t know what to do with your rotting pumpkins? Clay County may be able to help. Clay County’s “Take Jack Back” pumpkin recycling event is helping keep the harvest decorations out of landfills by composting them at a local farmstead in Moorhead. If you choose to recycle the Halloween decorations, make sure the pumpkins are free from…

Large Fires From Fargo Landfill And Moorhead Compost Site Calming Down, Smoke Remaining For Multiple Days

Both departments are prepared to return to the scene if anything changes.

FARGO-MOORHEAD, — Fires at both the Moorhead Compost Site and the Fargo Landfill had fire crews on the scene less than an hour apart. At the Moorhead site, crews say the fire was likely caused by wood chips that spread into the wood storage. In Fargo, crews say the fire was started by cutting work, creating sparks that spread to…