Large Fires From Fargo Landfill And Moorhead Compost Site Calming Down, Smoke Remaining For Multiple Days

Both departments are prepared to return to the scene if anything changes.

FARGO-MOORHEAD, — Fires at both the Moorhead Compost Site and the Fargo Landfill had fire crews on the scene less than an hour apart.

At the Moorhead site, crews say the fire was likely caused by wood chips that spread into the wood storage.

In Fargo, crews say the fire was started by cutting work, creating sparks that spread to a large pile of mulch.

Due to extreme weather overnight and the conditions of both fires, crews had to pull away to leave the flames in a controlled state.

After sitting overnight, crews are now slowly taking down the remaining flames.

In Moorhead, the Fire Department has turned the remaining job over to the City Public Works Department.

“What they are doing is on the outer edge, they are taking payloaders and pushing the outer edge into the middle to allow it to kind of continue to burn so more of like a control burn.”

The smoke is expected to sit in Moorhead for around a week, as they say as the remaining wood burns.

The smoke is not expected to be harmful to the public, but people may notice a campfire smell.

In Fargo, the Fire Department is turning the work over to the city landfill workers. They are moving materials away and burying away debris to put out the remaining mulch.

“It’s not uncommon for these mulch fires to happen, and when they do, they can be difficult, but at this point and time, any water suppression probably will only cause a muddy situation.”

The department says they expect workers to have the flames out sometime this week and do not expect any health risks from the smoke.

Both departments are prepared to return to the scene if anything changes.

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