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Rehab 4 Life, MPX Fitness Helping Parkinson’s Patients Live Active Lives

MPX Fitness and Rehab 4 Life Have Teamed Up To Offer a Rock Steady Boxing Class

FARGO, ND — Many people may think of boxing as a combative sport┬ábut some people look to it for therapy. “I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s about a year and a half ago and almost from the first day I was diagnosed, my doctor, the physical therapist that I went to, my daughter, who was a physical therapist, everyone was saying…

“You Can Never be Too Prepared”: What to Do if Approached While Walking Alone

There are a few ways to keep safe and protect yourself if you happen to run into danger

FARGO, ND — Police issued an advisory this morning to use extra caution when walking alone. This past Thursday, a 15-year-old girl told police she noticed a man following her inside a local grocery store and he followed her to her car. “When I heard about it earlier this morning and saw the little blurb in the paper, my radar…

Talk About a Resolution: Fargo’s MPX Fitness Takes Working Out to a New Level

There's more than one way to push yourself if your New Year's resolution includes getting healthy

With the New Year in full swing, many gyms have seen an increase in memberships from people trying to fulfill their New Year’s resolution. MPX Fitness in Fargo is specifically aimed at people who want to take fitness to the next level. “Our gym is more of a niche gym, which is nice,” said MPX Fitness Owner, Mariah Prussia. “It’s…