Talk About a Resolution: Fargo’s MPX Fitness Takes Working Out to a New Level

There's more than one way to push yourself if your New Year's resolution includes getting healthy

With the New Year in full swing, many gyms have seen an increase in memberships from people trying to fulfill their New Year’s resolution.

MPX Fitness in Fargo is specifically aimed at people who want to take fitness to the next level.

“Our gym is more of a niche gym, which is nice,” said MPX Fitness Owner, Mariah Prussia. “It’s smaller, it’s comfortable, it’s convenient and the goal of our gym to is not only to connect with people’s stories, but to help them reach the next level of their health and wellness.”

One of the unique classes they offer is kickboxing.

“With the kickboxing program, we work strikes. It’s really good conditioning. It’s a different kind of workout. It’s fun,” added Jason Natal, an MPX Fitness kickboxing instructor. “A lot of times workouts can get monotonous. You’re lifting weights all of the time or you’re doing this, so it can get boring. When you throw kickboxing in there, it’s completely a new element.”

Mariah says they do their best to help members reach their goals, but they want people to understand that it’ll take time.

“Whether you’re starting with two days a week, working up to three, working up to four, it’s really hard to go from nothing to something…to hit it hard every day so start slow, baby steps,” she said.

“You know you got to want it, you got to want to make the changes and improve the lifestyle,” said MPX Fitness member Travis Hopkins. “The gym is only going to give you the tools but if you’re not using them properly you know it’s not going to do anything for you.”

In honor of New Year’s resolutions, MPX Fitness is starting a weight loss challenge on January 23rd.

“The winner is the total percentage of weight loss. We also have nutritional tips and fitness tips that are included in that, so you’ll get weekly emails to keep you accountable,” said Mariah. “Also, you’ll have an opportunity for four specialty classes, so the kickboxing, the ground and pound, the boot camp, that you can utilize during the program.”

Travis says although it may be tough, working on becoming healthier is very rewarding.

“The best project you can work on is yourself. It is anything you put your mind to,” said Travis. “The best thing you’re ever going to work on is yourself.”

For more information about MPX Fitness and the programs they offer be sure to check out their website.

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