Polar Vortex

Hardware Stores Scramble to Stock Snow Blowers after Cold Snap

Scheels Home and Hardware was left without their fresh shipment Thursday

FARGO, N.D. — The cold snap leaves hardware stores scrambling to replenish their stock of snow blowers. Dana Wolf says his showroom floor at Scheels Home and Hardware has several new snow blowers to choose from, but the severe cold temperatures left him without a new group to show off. “The trucks weren’t running because it was too cold, their diesel…

Emergency Responders Approach Subzero Temperatures Differently

Some groups go out on scene, while others handle situations remotely

FARGO, N.D. — Whenever they go out on a call, paramedics with F–M Ambulance make sure that their paramedics and those they are helping are covered up from the cold. However, the extra time devoted to safety, along with the colder temperatures, are slowing down some response times. “Since it is so cold, it takes a bit longer to do calls…

Subzero Temperatures Do Little to Stifle Some Zoo Animals

The animals can roam free but their shelter areas are heated

FARGO, N.D. — The cold temperatures did not stop some animals from having some fun in the sun. Even though the Red River Zoo is closed, cold–climate creatures are thriving outside while the staff is covered from head–to–toe. Wolves, camels, and deer are just some of the animals who aren’t too worried about the cold. While the animals are having a…