Hardware Stores Scramble to Stock Snow Blowers after Cold Snap

Scheels Home and Hardware was left without their fresh shipment Thursday

FARGO, N.D. — The cold snap leaves hardware stores scrambling to replenish their stock of snow blowers.

Dana Wolf says his showroom floor at Scheels Home and Hardware has several new snow blowers to choose from, but the severe cold temperatures left him without a new group to show off.

“The trucks weren’t running because it was too cold, their diesel was gelling up, so they plan on being here tomorrow. We anticipate that a lot, and we’ll pre–sell some in advance,” Wolf said.

Wolf says the colder temperatures and snowy conditions have raised the demand for snow blowers.

Sometimes, he says the manufacturers might not have shipments ready to go, but having none in his store at all is very rare.

“It’s always better to get them early and have them on hand to be prepared in case when the snow hits because you’re not always guaranteed that they will be on the floor,” said Wolf.

Meanwhile up in North Fargo, Burggraf’s Ace Hardware decided to beat the weather to get all of their snow supplies in stock before the cold snap hit.

“We just stay on top of our ordering, make sure that you order them as we need them. We got lucky that we had them before the storm hit, so we had our supply ready,” said Dave Ketterling, the Store Manager at Burggraf’s Ace Hardware.

Even though his store wasn’t so lucky in getting their new shipment on time, Wolf says his customers were not frustrated as they left the store.

“When it’s bad weather is bad and people are buying snow blowers, a lot of people are understanding and will wait for them,” Wolf said.

Even though they were well–stocked in snow blowers, Burggraf’s Ace Hardware had to close their warehouse during the cold snap, leaving them behind on a couple of shipments this week.

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