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Social Distancing: Trying Molly Yeh’s Viral Popcorn Salad Recipe

Online Furor Over Recipe Shows You Don't Knock It 'Till You Try It

  A recipe from a Food Network host and chef here in our viewing area went viral last week. Molly Yeh lives on a farm near the North Dakota, Minnesota border. She hosts the show Girl Meets Farm. She introduced the world to popcorn salad. Click here for the recipe. Boy, did people react strongly. A lot of people thought…

Social Distancing: Dueling Popcorn Salads?

Another Recipe Has Entered The Popcorn Salad Fray

  Wednesday I shared a recipe from a Food Network host who lives in our area on the North Dakota/Minnesota border. Molly Yeh made popcorn salad on her show. It involved some mayo, some sour cream, some dijon mustard, assorted veggies, and a heaping pile of popped corn. People reacted…strongly to it. I think people just have a narrow definition…