Social Distancing: Dueling Popcorn Salads?

Another Recipe Has Entered The Popcorn Salad Fray


Wednesday I shared a recipe from a Food Network host who lives in our area on the North Dakota/Minnesota border.

Molly Yeh made popcorn salad on her show.
It involved some mayo, some sour cream, some dijon mustard, assorted veggies, and a heaping pile of popped corn.
People reacted…strongly to it.
I think people just have a narrow definition of a salad. We have cookie salad around here for Pete’s sake.
And the response I’ve gotten from locals isn’t as outraged as what we’re seeing online.

Chuck asked on Twitter, “If seasoned properly couldn’t the popcorn be considered nothing more than a fluffy crouton?”. That sounds like a fascinating culinary argument.

Then, Kim Hanson emailed me after watching the segment. She says Molly Yeh’s recipe isn’t a true Midwestern dish because it’s “much too healthy”. She shared this popcorn salad recipe she says her family has made for years. Look at this.
It’s got celery, onion and water chestnuts. So there are veggies in it.
Then we start with the good stuff.
A *pound* of bacon.
Cheese. It doesn’t say how much. Just cheese. Use your imagination.
Then a cup of Miracle Whip, tossed with six cups of popcorn.

I have half a mind to make both recipes and taste test them. If you make popcorn salad, please let me know. Share how it turned out. I would absolutely love to see that.
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