Local Grocers Not Alarmed By Food Plant Closures

A front page ad in major publications has many people around the nation panicking about a potential food shortage.

FARGO, N.D. – Our food supply chain is strained, and the coronavirus was to blame. That’s according to full page ads bought by Tyson Foods in three major publications. They state that the supply chain has been broken, and consumers would suffer because of it. But local grocers say that in our neck of the woods, consumers won’t go hungry….

Court Dismisses Lawsuits Brought Against Cass County Jail By Four Inmates

Jail officials say they respect the religious rights of all inmates

    FARGO, N.D. — Lawsuits filed by four inmates of the Cass County Jail, demanding hundreds of millions of dollars, have been dismissed in District Court. In the first case filed in 2016, three inmates had accused several staff members of intentionally and secretly serving pork after they had notified the jail of religious restrictions. The jail had actually…

People of Buffalo Say a Hog Farm Could Pollute Their Drinking Water

The majority of a small town is upset after the state Supreme Court allowed hog farm permits

BUFFALO, ND — The North Dakota Supreme Court approved permits for a hog facility near Buffalo, North Dakota. Several people living there have spent more than a year trying to keep it from being built, saying it can heavily pollute the area. In the 2016 election, nearly 76 percent voted “no” to corporate dairy and swine farming. This leaves neighbors…