racial injustice

Colleges commemorate Martin Luther King Jr day with virtual lectures

NDSU and Concordia College help shine light on racial injustices within the community

FARGO, N.D.-MOORHEAD – In light of Martin Luther King Jr day, College campuses throughout the metro are using the holiday to bring awareness to racial injustices throughout the community. Many of the textbooks that educated us do not touch on Martin Luther King Jr’s pursuit later in his life to bring attention to the atrocities faced by all marginalized groups…

AAA Pledges $1 Million To Fight Racial Injustice

The company wants to create and develop programs that will improve social justice and equality in communities.

FARGO, N.D.-┬áThe program is still in the early phases. AAA leaders say they are committed to developing a new division in the organization that will focus on promoting social equity. They will also be supporting initiatives that address socioeconomic disparities and advocate for equal justice for people of color. “We’ve always valued diversity, as a matter of fact we have…