Rep. Collin Peterson Leaning Against Impeachment But Sticking With Party

He says he has been approached about becoming a Republican

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Minnesota Democratic Congressman Collin Peterson says he’s leaning against voting in favor of impeachment for President Trump, but he has yet to make a final decision. He says he doesn’t believe Democrats have presented a solid enough case. Peterson says with little chance of the Republican-controlled senate going along, the process is only dividing the country further….

Minnesota Lawmakers Talk Proposed Health Care Bill in Detroit Lakes

It's a campaign promise which is taking months to surface

DETROIT LAKES, Minn. — Minnesotans in Detroit Lakes are getting the chance to bring their health care reform concerns directly to the politicians. The leaders of our community involved with health care changes are hearing from the people. Democratic Representative Collin Peterson and other local health care leaders met with Minnesotans at the Holiday Inn by Highway 10. “I was…