Rep. Collin Peterson Leaning Against Impeachment But Sticking With Party

He says he has been approached about becoming a Republican

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Minnesota Democratic Congressman Collin Peterson says he’s leaning against voting in favor of impeachment for President Trump, but he has yet to make a final decision.

He says he doesn’t believe Democrats have presented a solid enough case.

Peterson says with little chance of the Republican-controlled senate going along, the process is only dividing the country further.

He says he has also been approached about becoming a Republican.

New Jersey Democratic Congressman Jeff Van Drew announced over the weekend that he’s becoming a Republican.

Peterson said he told party leadership that he will stay with the Democratic party.

“I’m staying in the party, in spite of some of the stuff that’s going on that I don’t agree with, I am not going to switch parties at this stage of my career, ” said Peterson.

“There have been overtures by the highest levels of the Republican party in the last couple weeks to ask if I would consider it and I told them no.”

Peterson, who is 75, was first elected in 1990.

He has yet to decide whether he will seek another term.

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