Ruck Marchers Raise Awareness for Veteran Suicides

They marched from the border 20 pounds in their rucksacks

MOORHEAD, Minn. — CrossFit Fargo and the Brady Oberg Legacy Foundation put together a ruck march to raise awareness for veteran suicides. Marchers started at the U.S.–Canada border and will finish at the North Dakota–South Dakota border. They stopped at Centennial Park in Moorhead. Each marcher carries 20 pounds of weight inside their rucksack to represent the heavy gear soldiers…

Minnesota Group Reenacts Civil War Battle

they also worked on a trench, camped out, did war drills, held a posting guard detail

OAKPORT, Minn. — The Minnesota Infantry Company D took people back in time to the Civil War at Probstfield Farm in Oakport. The organization held a battle reenactment between people dressed as Confederate and Union soldiers. They also had troops working on a trench, posting guard detail, camping out and doing war drills. Twenty-five people became a part of the…