THE BUZZ: Furry Upscale Cookie Bandit Gets the Jump on New York’s Finest

Officers found the bandit in the kitchen eating cookies when they arrived on scene

BROCKPORT, New York — New York often brags about having the finest police force in the world and you’d be hard pressed to get the jump on them. But while responding to a home break-in, that’s exactly what happened and it was all caught on the officer’s body camera. The Brockport Police Department in upstate New York released body cam…

Attack Squirrel Foils Burglar

He's one point three pounds of sheer terror.

Some of us have attack dogs, some of us have cats with a bad attitude and a mean set of claws guarding our homes from unwanted intruders. But chances are you’ve never seen anything like Joey the Squirrel, who took on a burglar who broke into his human’s Meridian, Idaho home and lived to tell the tale. Lacy Darrow has…