Brain Injury Survivors Make Masks to Represent Their Experiences

The event is part of a project to raise awareness for brain injury

FARGO, N.D. — Art can be very therapeutic, and Sanford is giving brain injury survivors an outlet to get their creative juices flowing. Kathleen Ford suffered from a stroke last year, and art has been part of her life throughout her recovery process. “My kids tell me to hang up so I do,” she said. Now she’s bringing her artistic skills…

Stroke Survivor Uses Her Experience to Help Others Through Support Program

Five years ago, Sandi Gruhot was doing yard work when she started feeling a pain in the back of her neck and got nauseous

FARGO, N.D. — It’s something hundreds of thousands of people suffer from every year: stroke. One survivor is using her experience to support others going through the same thing. Five years ago, Sandi Gruhot was doing yard work when she started feeling a pain in the back of her neck and got nauseous. What she thought was pulled muscle was actually…

35-Year-Old Cardiac Arrest Survivor Shares Story at “Her Story at 11:11”

All of the attendance fees went directly to the American Heart Association

FARGO–“Her Story at 11:11” gives one woman a month the chance to tell her own unique story. “When I think about getting out and talking about this, CPR, it saved my life,” Cardiac arrest survivor Kadie Stoltz said. Kadie Stoltz’s story is a heroic one. She’s a mother, wife, and now a survivor. “The Sunday after Thanksgiving, I was home…

Two-Time Breast Cancer Survivor Sets Example for Future Patients

She says a positive attitude helped her through the fight

FARGO, N.D. — So many of us have our pink on for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but even though October is coming to a close, that doesn’t mean awareness should be fading from our minds. Sandra Dunn, a two-time breast cancer survivor, shares her story and what her advice is for others. She was diagnosed in 2008 for the first time….

Family Wellness Hosts 7th Annual Run to Raise Breast Cancer Fundraiser

Family Wellness is donating five dollars to the Edith Sanford Breast Center for every mile walked or ran on its pink treadmill

FARGO– A local gym is demonstrating its support for breast cancer awareness by giving one of its treadmills a pink makeover. 1 in 8 women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer during her lifetime. Family Wellness wants to reduce those numbers by hosting its 7th Annual Run to Raise fundraiser for members and guests. “We all…

Sanford is Celebrating the Lives of Neck and Head Cancer Survivors

A lot of our patients don't have a friend or a relative that have gone through similar experiences

FARGO, N.D. — Sanford Health is celebrating the lives of those who have won their battle to neck and head cancer. Survivors are discussing their journeys and how Sanford helped them win their fight. They say they have a new perspective on life after cancer taught them an important lesson. “I’m not invincible and when you hear the words ‘you…

“Part of Me Now: Living With Breast Cancer” Premieres in Fargo

There was a lot to share with this story and a lot of people had a lot of struggles after being done with their treatment and that cancer wasn't done at that point

FARGO, ND — “So it all started when my mother had breast cancer and she had a lot of support coming through and when the treatment stopped so did that support,” said Emily Gerhardson, the director, producer and editor of ‘Part of Me Now: Living With Breast Cancer’. Emily Gerhardson had never made a movie but she decided she had…

Knitted Knockers Making a Difference in Lives of Breast Cancer Survivors

Knitted Knockers is an organization dedicated to making lightweight prosthesis for women who have had mastectomies due to breast cancer

NATIONAL — A group of women in Wisconsin are using their knitting skills to make a unique difference in the lives of breast cancer survivors. “It will bring tears to your eyes,” said Janice Stuntebeck, who is one of the knitters. “That makes you feel special.” Knitted Knockers is an organization dedicated to making lightweight prosthesis for women who have…

Vietnam War Veterans Are Taking The Week To Remember Those Who Are Lost

Vietnam Memorial Week Kicks off at the Fargo Air Musuem

FARGO, ND., — They served in the Vietnam War and now they’re here to share their stories. It was a time when thousands of soldiers lost their lives while fighting for our country. Veterans who are still here are taking the week to recognize those who have fallen. “It helps a lot of us remember not so much us but…

Clothesline Project: Giving a Voice to Victims of Sexual Assault

The clothesline project is set up at NDSU where students are sharing their sexual assault stories through t-sirts

FARGO, N.D. — It’s a touchy subject that some people don’t wish to share with the public. “You thought it was okay to take advantage of me. It was not,” read NDSU student Mackenzie Eckman. “You acted like nothing happened but I have to live with this forever.” Eckman is just one of the many students within the NDSU community…