Vietnam War Veterans Are Taking The Week To Remember Those Who Are Lost

Vietnam Memorial Week Kicks off at the Fargo Air Musuem

FARGO, ND., — They served in the Vietnam War and now they’re here to share their stories.

It was a time when thousands of soldiers lost their lives while fighting for our country.

Veterans who are still here are taking the week to recognize those who have fallen.

“It helps a lot of us remember not so much us but the guys that didn’t come back…the 58,000 plus names on the wall,” said Vietnam War Veteran, Ronald DuRand.

The Fargo Air Museum has transformed for the entire week to honor those who gave so much.

“Some of the situations were a little tough,” said Vietnam War Veteran, Ed Ahonn.

“It was eye opening as a young man from a little town in North Dakota coming into a great big new world with people and everything,” said DuRand.

However, after overcoming the fear and obstacles that serving may bring forth, these veterans say there’s something much greater that comes from it.

“The camaraderie, the brotherhood,” said Ahonn.

“Just the camaraderie with all kinds of brothers and sisters that were there and experienced the same things that I did as so many others went through,” said DuRand.

One veteran says he cherishes the brotherhood so much that he’s in the process of setting up fundraisers to honor his fellow vets and ultimately, send them on a special trip.

“This is technically my first fundraiser. I’m starting to go off and meet people and we’re raising money to send our veterans to Washington,” said Vietnam War Veteran, Bill Peterson.

He says the trip will allow them to visit the Veteran’s Memorials made to honor their service and sacrifice.

“I love what I’m trying to do for our veterans,” said Peterson.

After serving in the Vietnam War more than four decades ago, these veterans say the memories and brotherhood is something they’ll cherish forever.

“A lot of us say we left the Nam, but the Nam has not left us,” said DuRand.

Vietnam Memorial Week will continue through Friday, April 28th.

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