Fargo AMVETS New Years Day Celebration

It's an annual event for the Post 7 building

FARGO, N.D. — The sound of music, the smell of good food and the sight of smiles of people dancing and laughing over jokes. It’s the annual Fargo American Veterans New Years Day Celebration, at the AMVETS Post 7 building. For Veterans like Steve Leedahl who served in the Army in Vietnam for a year says it’s important to help…

Fargo-Moorhead Remembers Veterans Who Never Returned Home After the War

West Fargo, Dilworth and Harwood also held ceremonies this Memorial Day

FARGO, N.D. — Fargo–Moorhead is remembering all those who have died while serving our country. A soldier may put on their uniform and head into combat. “Well it’s nerve wracking. You’re always worried about who’s going to be next. Is it you,” said Joe Wallevand, who served in Vietnam. But they aren’t the only ones feeling the stress of a war….

Veterans Honored at Fargo Air Museum During Vietnam Memorial Week

Vietnam veterans are getting the recognition they didn't get decades ago

FARGO, N.D. — In honor of Vietnam Memorial Week, those who served our country are recognized at the Fargo Air Museum. But fifty years ago, they didn’t a warm welcome home. “I have friends who were spit on, had things thrown at them, they didn’t want to wear the uniform, they felt ashamed, they were made to feel ashamed,” Joe Wallevand,…

MSUM Remembers Vietnam Through the Camera Lens

'Picturing Nam' is an exhibit featuring photographs from the Vietnam War

  MOORHEAD, MINN.– The National Archives Traveling Exhibit is headed to Moorhead to celebrate Minnesota Remembers Vietnam. ‘Picturing Nam’ is an exhibit featuring photographs from the Vietnam War. They showcase the conditions and events the soldiers and civilians had to endure. The Vietnam War ended nearly 50 years ago, but the memories and hardships are still with those affected by…

Barber Giving Free Haircuts To Match Trump And Kim Jong Un

Haircuts Offered Ahead Of Summit Between Two Leaders

  Watch until the end of the video to see Adam Ladwig and Emily Welker sporting the hairstyles made famous by these world leaders. A barber in Vietnam gives some cutting-edge haircuts. A hair salon in Hanoi is offering free haircuts to customers willing to look like North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump. The offer is…

Sharing War Stories: 88 Local Veterans Spent Two Days In Washington, D.C.

They were selected for the latest North Dakota-Minnesota Veterans Honor Flight

FARGO, N.D. — They were a group of 88 of our area’s finest service members. They were just the latest heroes to take the North Dakota-Minnesota Veterans Honor Flight to Washington, D.C. We went along for the ride and it was a 2-day whirlwind of activity as we took in memorial after memorial, shared lunches and snacks and more importantly shared…

Vietnam Veterans Honored at Fargo Air Museum

A flag was dedicated as part of National Vietnam Veterans' Day

FARGO, N.D. — The Fargo Air Museum held a flag dedication ceremony for veterans of the Vietnam War. Today is the anniversary of the last U.S. service member leaving Vietnam in 1975. Veterans say they appreciate the support since they didn’t have it when they came back from the war all those years ago. “A lot of the guys got hurt…

Children of Vietnam Vets say Agent Orange Impacts Generations

Veterans and their children shared their stories at a town hall meeting at Elks Lodge in Fargo

FARGO, ND — Tears were shed at a town hall meeting in Fargo about the life changing effects of Agent Orange. Many children of Vietnam veterans spoke about how exposure to the chemical impacts multiple generations. Families of survivors are still looking for answers more than four decades after the Vietnam War. “So it was straight Agent Orange that I…