F-M Community Celebrates Veterans Day

It's the holiday's 100th anniversary

FARGO, N.D. — Retired U.S. Air Force Tech Sergeant Russel Stabler left with a friend for battle in 1967.

“A school mate of mine went to Vietnam same day I did. He never made it back. And I happened to be on leave and I saw his mom in the store, and it was basically, ‘What the hell are you doing here and my son isn’t?'”

He says this day is for honoring both those whose lives were taken at war and the families they’ve left behind.

“They’re all our brothers and sisters, and it doesn’t matter what era they fought in. A World War II vet is just as much my brother as the guy who served with me in Vietnam.”

Servicemen and women from all backgrounds, including the Veterans of Foreign Affairs, American Legion and Disabled American Veterans, gathered at the Fargo Civic Center in honor of their veteran brothers and sisters.

A combination of music, pride and remembrance filled the air as the Red River Valley Veterans Concert Band commemorated the special day.

For Stabler, the day is a reminder to our nation of what these veterans fought for: unity and perseverance.

“We got to be back to being a United America. No longer fragmented.”

He says it’s also a time to support the younger generation of servicemen and women looking to wear the uniform with pride.

The ceremony was hosted by the United Patriotic Bodies.

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