People Travel to Jamestown for an Adventure Back in Time to Relive History

It's important because everybody is too busy with their lives and you need to have that break every now and again

JAMESTOWN, N.D. — From constant texts to notifications on social media, it isn’t easy to separate yourself from the world in today’s society. KVRR’s Jessie Cohen tells us how people from all over the country are starting an adventure in Jamestown that will not only help them disconnect, but educate them on history. “It’s important because everybody is too busy…

Former President Hosts 7th Annual Wounded Warrior Ride

Three buses with 52 soldiers arrived at the former president's Prairie Chapel Ranch for a nearly 63 mile bike ride

1/9 Show Caption Hide Caption 2/9 Show Caption Hide Caption 3/9 Show Caption Hide Caption 4/9 Show Caption Hide Caption 5/9 Show Caption Hide Caption 6/9 Show Caption Hide Caption 7/9 Show Caption Hide Caption 8/9 Show Caption Hide Caption 9/9 Show Caption Hide Caption CRAWFORD, TX — Former President George W. Bush laced up his shoes and hit the…

Detroit Lakes Teen Dies After Accident in California

Conn was taken to a hospital where she died

  LAKE TAHOE, CA — A 14-year-old Detroit Lakes girl has died after falling off a hiking trail at Lake Tahoe in northern California. El Dorado County authorities say Chloe Conn fell about 50 feet while hiking near the Vikingsholm Trail on Wednesday. Emergency personnel say she suffered serious injuries and life-saving efforts were performed at the scene. Conn was…

Springboard for the Arts, MNSBHC, Fergus Falls Fourth Graders Making Possibilities Bloom in Minnesota

Springboard for the Arts received a grant to place a sculpture at the head of Central Lakes State Trail

FERGUS FALLS, Minn. — Nature isn’t the only thing beginning to bloom in the spring. A partnership in Fergus Falls is brimming with ideas to promote a healthier lifestyle in Minnesota. The Central Lakes State Trail in Fergus Falls is filled with endless active possibilities. But many drive by the trail, too busy to notice this diamond in the rough….