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U.S. Border Travel Restrictions Extended, Gov. Burgum Calls It “Preposterous”

BISMARCK N.D.  — North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum calls it “preposterous”. The Biden administration is extending non-essential travel restrictions at the northern and southern borders until August 21. The administration is under fire for continuing to keep them in place more than a year into the pandemic, and after Canada announced it was reopening to vaccinated Americans on August 9….

Travel Experts On The Impact Travel Restrictions Will Have On The Industry

Some of the countries affected by the restrictions are Poland, Spain, Portugal and Switzerland

FARGO, N.D.- Travel experts are saying they still don’t know what the impact will be when the travel restriction on some European countries is put into effect on Friday. “It’s hard to quantify at this time, but we’ll certainly know here over the next coming weeks how much will be impacted in total passenger volume for the month of March,”…