Local Shelters Overflow with More People Staying Out of Blizzard

Some had to roll out extra mattresses to give people a place to sleep

MOORHEAD, Minn. —┬áHomeless shelters across the metro took in more people because of the blizzard. Churches United normally houses 91 people, but they had to accommodate an extra eighteen Thursday night due to the conditions. The shelter had some additional mattresses and sleeping areas throughout the building. With more people coming through the door, it was all hands on deck…

Warm or Cold: Frostival Will Go On!

A warm end to January means a rough start to some winter events

While many welcome the warmer January, winter events continue to take a hit. In Fargo, four January days and nights above freezing is unheard of. We may welcome the nice road conditions, but this hard, icy snow is not ideal for winter fun. But this weekend’s Frostival events will mostly live on. “That’s the whole idea of Frostival, we enjoy…