ND State Hockey Tournament Comes To Fargo

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High School hockey bring families and friends to the F–M metro for the State Tournament. Out–of–towners are concerned about getting a hotel and eating out.

16 high school hockey teams come from far and wide to claim the titles of being the best.

Bismarck Hockey Dad Ed Page says, “Represent the Blizzard…the Blizzard Girls teams. We’re had a pretty good year and got a good team going.”

Due to a UND scheduling conflict, the tournament was moved to Fargo for the first time since 1971 and is being held at Scheel’s Arena and Veterans Memorial Arena.

State Hockey Tournament Director Todd Olsen says, “It’s more of an appropriate sized arena for this event right now. It seats probably 4500 people as compared to over 11000 at the Ralph Engelstad arena so we get a crowd of 2500 it feels pretty full.”

That number of people attending each day of the tournament starting Thursday benefits the F–M metro area.

Director of Sports Kali Mork says, “There are people coming from out of town, they’re coming to Fargo, staying in our hotels, eating at our restaurants, shopping at our malls and stores and they’re basically leaving their money behind once they leave.”

When the hockey game is over, it’s time to head out to either the hotel or restaurant.

General Manager Summer Sandness says, “There’s a lot of options depending on what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for fun nights, nights with pools, entertaining kids, if you’re just coming for an event and don’t care if you need a pool or anything like that…different businesses have different things to offer and amenities.”

With numerous fast food and sit–down options in the area wait times should not exceed an hour.

Sandness adds, “We’re next to 45th street and there’s a lot of restaurants and things over there. So it just depends on what they’re craving and looking for.”

Next year’s State Hockey Tournament is scheduled to return to the Ralph Engelstad Arena.