MSUM Headed to Elite 8

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Dragons are taking over college basketball. The MSUM’s men’s basketball team is making history by going to the NCAA Division 2 Elite 8 tournament.

 1982 was the last time MSUM made it to a national basketball tournament.
Now 33 years later, the Dragons are going farther than ever before, The Elite 8.

Thanks to the victory over Northwest Missouri State, what is next for the team?
Head Coach Chad Walthall said, “We’re going to enjoy this, we’re going to embrace it, we’re going to love it. I’m so proud of these guys, and we’ll enjoy it for a few days then we’ll start thinking about the elite 8.”

Pierre Olou  an MSUM sophomore, never really watched basketball, until this year.
“After seeing the number of records they’ve been having, they’ve been breaking this year, I’m more into basketball now. Watching all their games online when they are away and I try to attend all of their home games,” said Olou.
Pierre wasn’t able to go to Sioux Falls to see the winning game, but those who did, know that this year’s team has a special chemistry.

JoDee Haugrud who works at MSUM said, “It always seems that if one of them is having an off night another one would step up, so it always seemed like it worked out really well for them.”
Basketball fans say it’s great to see the dragons name in lights
“With NDSU across the way, they always seem to get the big press, so having chad and the boys do this, has been and i hope will be a really good thing for us here at MSUM,” said Haugrud.
Although some fans can’t make it to Indiana to see the Dragons play, they say they’ll be cheering loud and proud here at home. The team will face off against Bellamine on March 25 in Evansville Indiana.

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