UND Students Table No Confidence Vote

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UND students continue to express issues with President Kelley and the administration.

UND Student Senate met tonight to discuss a potential no confidence vote after getting thousands on online signatures in support of it.

KVRR’s Bianca Buono was at the meeting and joins us live with more.


TJ and Alison, just moments ago this room was full of UND students and leaders.

They have been upset with the administration due to issues regarding a potential tuition hike.

Yesterday the student body president met with The UND president and were able to agree on a resolution.

Here’s what they had to say about that tonight.

Tanner Franklin:  “The administration and student government leaders have decided to work together to achieve a higher level of involvement and partnership between the two groups.”
Robert Kelley: We believe that one of the most powerful messages of the past few days has been this need to communicate effectively with all of the students.  Leaders as well as the rest of our campus communities we look forward to their support in doing that. “

After they spoke the student senate addressed that no confidence vote and they decided to table it indefinitely.

Students and leaders seem confident that these meetings have been a big step in the right direction.

Reporting live in Grand Forks, Bianca Buono, KVRR news.