Moorhead Amphitheater And Garden Coming Soon

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 Some people in Moorhead are now hearing the clanging of construction but they may soon be listening to the sound of music.
Construction is underway for a Heritage Garden and Amphitheater project right on the edge of Woodlawn Park.

These sounds are coming from the future home of the Heritage Garden and Amphitheatre in Moorhead.

The garden is part of a project throughout the F–M area by the Plains Art Museum.
It will feature perennials to honor Moorhead’s agricultural history and the amphitheater will have several uses.
“This is needed because it really provides a different venue for people to have that community experience and especially because we can do movies and concerts right outside in the park in the summer time,” said Designing Artist Su Legatt.
Gabrielle Rooney loves the outdoors and could see the project being good for the community.
“Maybe you’ll get more people willing to come out here. It’s kind of a small park, it doesn’t have that much right now so maybe it’ll just be a draw to get more people outside and active,” said Rooney of Moorhead.
Her dog Bowser wouldn’t mind it either.
Organizers of the project say it’s taken many years to build and they are excited for what this will mean to the community.
“This project started with some community meetings back in 2010 so it’s been a long time coming,’ said Legatt.
Over the next few weeks, organizers will be collecting plants to garden.

They are looking for full sun perennial donations.

They hope to be done with the project by the end of July.
“For me I love to be outside as much as possible so you know, an extra draw for that is always a good thing for me,” said Rooney.

It’s a project that aims to help connect the community.
Plant pledges are needed by May 22, and donations will be accepted at Woodlawn park on the weekend of June 6 and 7.

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