F-M Ambulance Is Honored From The Heart

The Mission: LifeLine EMS Gold Award Recipient

 F–M Ambulance receives an award from the heart.

The ambulance service was recognized by the American Heart Association for its treatment of patients experiencing severe heart attacks.

The Mission: LifeLine EMS Gold Award is given to emergency responders who make efforts in improving their STEMI, or ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction, systems of care and help to improve the quality of life for their patients.

F-M Ambulance is one of the 85 ambulance services nationwide to receive the honor.

F-M Ambulance’s Don Martin says, “We’re the only ones in the state of North Dakota to get this award and so last year we received the Silver Award which means that we were meeting the American Heart Association’s standards for getting a patient to the hospital to open up their vessels when they’re having a heart attack as fast as we can and they set the standards across the nation.”

Mission: Lifeline seeks to save lives by closing the gaps separating STEMI patients from timely and appropriate treatment.

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