Driver Dead After Vehicle-Train Crash

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At least one person is dead after a train collided with a vehicle in south Moorhead early Saturday morning. The train-vehicle crash took place around 9 a.m.

Authorities say it took a while to get on scene since the vehicle got dragged quite a ways down the track.

The fiery crash between this vehicle and train happened at 60th Avenue south, right on the border of south Moorhead and Kurtz Township.

Officials tell us there were cross arms present.

“They were down and it appears that one of the cross arms is broken on the other side,” says Clay County Sheriff Bill Bergquist.

They also say at least one person is dead.

“The vehicle was drug about a third of a mile down the track by the train so it took a little while to get to the area of where the vehicle was,” says Bergquist.

Neighbors who live by the train tracks tell us they’ve seen a lot of accidents happen here in the area so they’re not too surprised something like this would happen.

Marge Klinger lives right next to the tracks and was home at the time.

“I thought oh, there must have been a car hit by a train and I just hope nobody was killed,” says Klinger.

She says the intersections close to her home are prone to accidents.

“I myself feel that I just get a little bit more cautious when driving on this road and stopping for the stop sign out here which many many people drive through our stop sign on this corner,” Klinger says. “I just hope it wasn’t anybody we knew. You know it’s sad to see anything like that happen. I’m sure there’s family going to be grieving over this.”

BNSF and the Sherriff’s office are investigating the crash and we’ll have the latest details as they become available to us.

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