Four People Dead After Apparent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

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Four people are dead after apparent carbon monoxide poisoning at a home in Blanchard, about 40 minutes northwest of Fargo.

A woman is being treated at Sanford here in Fargo.

It was around 10 on Sunday night when law enforcement received a 911 call from RossĀ  Matejcek’s home.

When emergency crews arrived they found the 53 year old man and three others, dead, Four others were rescued.

Alicia Jenson who lives in Blanchard said, “I just really can’t believe it. For like that to happen, and it does, it’s just shocking.”

Captain Tony Ernst of Traill County Sheriff’s Office said,”These people didn’t even know what was happening to them.”

Ross Matejcek, 27 year old Ricky Fisher, 24 year old Margaret Fisher and 6 year old Jabin Newmes were found dead.

Victims of apparent carbon monoxide poisoning.

“They entered the house, removed three children from the main floor of the house. Went down into the basement and saw more unresponsive, people, five people. Attempted to rescue them, but they were getting sick, getting headaches so they had to evacuate the house,” said Captain Ernst.

Crews were able to save Bonnie Fisher and three children. A 4 year old, 2 year old, and 8 month old infant. Authorities say they are doing well.

According to law enforcement, the source of the carbon monoxide was a propane fueled water heater, that was improperly vented.

“He was using warm water to fill the pool, that caused the water heater to run for an extended period of time. We figured the water heater running, filled the basement with fumes,” said Captain Ernst.

Blanchard A population of 26, one mother is devastated as she watches her children play in their own pool.

“Everyone knows each other and it’s…just sad,” said Jenson.

The bodies have been taken to the examiner’s office in Grand Forks.

The results will not be released until toxicology reports are done which could take up to four weeks.