The Buzz: Shia LaBeouf ND Injury; Man Sings Whitney Houston (WOW); Need Some Lori Line Swag?; Power of Makeup

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Shia LaBeouf has received stitches to his head and hand after injuring himself on the North Dakota set of the film “American Honey.”
A publicist for LaBeouf said the actor’s injuries were “minimal.”

The accident happened last night during a scene in Williston in which LaBeouf was to put his head through a glass window.

He was treated at a hospital for cuts to his head and hand. He’s to return to shooting tomorrow.

“American Honey” is about a teenage girl traveling across the Midwest.


It is often said that while people may pass away, legacies never die.
A karaoke singer performs Whitney Houston’s hit song “I Have Nothing”, but is showing us he has everything.

Check it out.

(singing) “Don’t you dare, walk away from me!  I have nothing…nothing…nothing…if I don’t have you.”

An audience member uploaded this clip to YouTube and in only one week it has been viewed near 600 thousand times.

The unidentified singer channels the fallen singer in voice and action, hitting high note after high note.
Houston recorded the song in 1992 for the blockbuster movie “The Bodyguard”, in which she starred in with Kevin Costner.

It is the highest selling movie soundtrack of all time with more than 45 million copies sold.


A popular Twin Cities pianist known for her colorful holiday concerts is now offering her fans a chance to own memorabilia.
Lori Line will hold an estate sale this week in a warehouse in Maple Plain, Minnesota.
…band music plays…

Line will sell props, set pieces, professional sound and lighting equipment, costumes and of course, those elaborate Christmas decorations.
There have been reports of financial problems for the singer.

She put her home on Lake Minnetonka up for sale in 2012.

You can buy it for 4 million.

The estate sale will be on Thursday and Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Line will be inducted into the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame this November.


Another video is taking social media by storm with claims that people should stop “Makeup Shaming”.
YouTuber NikkieTutorials posted this video that shows what she says is the “Power of Makeup”.

Take a look.
NikkiTutorials: “And that guys, is the power of makeup.  I just want people to know that makeup is fun and there are no rules.  It’s there for days when you want to look hella good!  And that’s why I wrote the power of makeup.”

Nikkie’s video has been viewed on YouTube more than 17 million times.

She wants people to know if you love makeup, there’s no reason to be ashamed of it.
Her video has inspired hundreds of people to post their own half faces on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media outlets.

Posters are now declaring they reclaim the right to wear makeup for themselves and no one else.

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