Fargo Police Hosts Annual Picnic in the Park

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Fargo Police hosted their 21st annual picnic in the park.

The event is an effort to bring law enforcement and the community together.

KVRR’s Brittany Ford has the story.
Games, pony rides, food, and dancing are how Fargo police are bringing the community together.

Kara Loose who husband is a Fargo Police Detective says the community support is not just important for police but their families too.
“It’s a nice community, and they support their police. It’s important to the officers, it’s important to their families, it’s important to the community to stay in touch, and making sure they are supporting the people out there to help them,” said Kara Loose Wife of Fargo Police Detective.
Other law enforcement agencies in attendance included the Red River Valley SWAT team, Fargo Fire, and Sanford AirMed.
What is important about the picnic for law enforcement is having the opportunity to connect with the community one on one.
“It’s a fun way to get families out here to interact with us in a fun light hearted way. Where they can have little fun with us and we can have little fun with them, and get to know us on a more personal human level.” said Officer Jessica Schindeldecker of Fargo Police.
The picnic featured a K-9 demonstration and a multicultural section, where the community had the chance to interact and get educated on the diversity that is growing in Fargo.
“Such a program and attending is important because we also give our support to them in return for what they are doing for us,” said Ada Quee of the African Initiative and Progress.
With the weather on their side the Fargo Community Picnic was worth the wait.

Brittany Ford KVRR News.
Sponsors of the picnic included Xcel energy, Cass Clay Creamery, and the Fargo Park District.