Grand Forks Impound Auction

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 Dozens of cars and bikes are abandoned and unclaimed every year in Grand Forks.
The police department held their annual auction to sell these items.
It’s a day full of deals here in Grand Forks as the police department sells abandoned and unclaimed items.
They usually sit for years at this impound lot, but the annual auction helps with the cramped quarters.

Brandy Cheetham is looking for a new family car with her husband.
“Something to change up what we’re currently going through. New vehicle, new wheels; makes you feel better on the inside,” said Cheetham of Grand Forks.
She’s been waiting six months to snag a deal at this auction.
“There’s a lot of potential here today. There’s trucks, there’s small cars, there’s vans, there’s everything you know? You can find everything for everybody,” said Cheetham.
The event is run by the Grand Forks Police Department, but that’s not where the money goes.
“It goes back to the general fund. The police department doesn’t really get any of the money directly. It goes back into the city general fund,” said Grand Forks Police Department Lt. Dwight Love.
The auction makes anywhere from $20,000 to $30,000 each year, and it’s not just the cars and bikes that people go after.
“It’s not just about the deals, people at the auction say it’s also a good chance for people to get out and just have a good time.”
“Everybody is you know, giving each other advice on vehicles. You know pointing things out to someone if they don’t immediately see it. Everybody’s looking out for everybody. It’s a really good environment,” said Cheetham.
It’s a day where someone else’s trash could be someone else’s treasure.
The Grand Forks Police Department says they hold items anywhere from two to three years until they decide to auction them off.