What Parents Should Know Before Buying School Supplies

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As kids get ready to go back to school, many parents are used to seeing a hole in their wallet when it comes buying to school.

KVRR’s Brittany Ford has what you need to know before going shopping.

Many recent studies show that each year the price of school supplies continues to rise.

Parents like Paula Weiler,who just spent $200 dollars on school supplies, says it’s never an easy process.
“I always tell my children what else we have that we can use from last year. We need to go through them make sure can we use color pencils, can we use some of the folders. But they always want everything new so it’s always kind of a process,” said Paula Weiler of Fargo.

Supply drives like the United Way say middle school tends to be where the largest need is.
“Over the years what we’ve noticed through our supply drive is that grade 6-8 bags…those are the middle school bags…those are the ones that go first, and those are the ones that we actually distribute the most backpacks,” said Thomas Hill United Way Community Impact Director.
With the new wave of technology on the rise, school administrators say that it is actually helping cut the cost of supplies.
Electronics in the classroom are replacing the large need for pencils and paper.
“In grades 6-12 they will be provided a device. In grades 6-8 we do not allow them to take that device home. It’s all web-based. So they can use their computers at home to get into the things that they are doing in school,” says Carl Ben Eielson Middle School Principal Brad Larson.

Larson shared that students don’t always need everything that is on the suggested supply list, and for those who can’t financially afford them, most schools have departments that provide those needs.

Brittany Ford KVRR News.
K-12 students in Cass and Clay Counties can attend the United Way supply drive.

The event will be held Saturday August 8th from 8:00am to 11:30am and

Tuesday August 11th from 4:00pm to 7:00pm at the Fargodome.