Bonanzaville Featured In Movie

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 A feature film is being shot right in our backyard.

The movie SUPERMOTO takes place in the prairie of North Dakota and part of the film is being shot in West Fargo’s Bonanzaville.

There’s even a chance for the public to be in the movie this Friday.
The movie is about a young woman who wakes up one morning and discovers her boyfriend vanished without a trace, but there are a few clues that lead her right here to the Peace Garden State.
Mark Goguen and his family are taking a 16 day trip through the Midwestern states and just happened to be here when the crew was filming.
“It’s a pretty exciting experience, the kids have never seen a movie, I’ve never seen a movie being shot. I think my wife has though, she works in Providence, Rhode Island and she’s seen movies shot,” said Goguen of Franklin, Massachusetts.
But why is the movie being shot in Bonanzaville?
“We needed actually, a place, a police station that had a jail and what we discovered is that they really don’t exist anymore,” said Writer/Director Joe Maggio.
Many of the crew members are from the F–M area, but there are others who traveled quite a ways.
“We have certain crew from New York, some crew from Michigan; we got other department heads who’ve come in from out of town,” said Producer Matthew Myers.
And the movie has plans on getting noticed.
“It will be released theatrically and in all media as they say, sometime next year. Our plan is to take it out at the festival circuit and maybe if we’re lucky we’ll get into the Fargo Film Festival,” said Myers.
Producers of the movie are still looking for extras. They say the production will need around 50 people, mostly in the 18–30 age range. Filming of these scenes will begin 4:00pm in Kindred and go until 3 or 4 AM.

To be an extra at the party scene;
Anyone interested in being in the film should send an e-mail to  A paid stipend of $25 will be paid to anyone who joins the movie as a background actor.  Food, beverages and transportation provided.  Buses depart and return from the West Acres Mall.  Please contact for details.