Football Players Tackle the Heat

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The excessive heat wave is still baking the region.

Many are able to escape the high temps by staying inside or heading to the water but athletes don’t have that luxury.

Football season is back for the Concordia Cobbers.

“It’s always an exciting time of year obviously we have over 130 guys that are hungry and eager and it’s day one,” says Cobbers Head Coach Terry Horan.

But temperatures in the mid to upper 90’s isn’t what you typically think of when football comes to mind.

“It’s 97 degrees and football begins so it’s just par for the course,” Horan says.

Today this is every player’s best friend. In fact the senior captain says staying hydrated is a job of its own.

“It’s important to stay hydrated I mean and prevent injuries because if you have a healthy team you’re going to go further in the season,” says Senior Wide Receiver Brandon Zylstra.

Fortunately, the pads were left in the locker room. The NCAA requires teams to practice for five days before suiting up.

But regardless, with a heat index of over 100 degrees, Coach Horan knows that dehydration is still very possible.

“When you’ve got heated practices like this even though it’s one practice, you know we’re an hour and a half out here, we take several breaks and also we’re hydrating throughout the day, too because these guys are going to be burning a lot of sweat that’s for sure,” says Horan.

The heat can cause exhaustion, cramps even dizziness.

So if you’re like these athletes and braving the brutal temps, take breaks and drink lots of water.

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