“Somebody in This Community Knows”

Jacob Wetterling’s parents say they have as many questions about the man named a “person of interest” as the rest of us.

They stepped up to the mics on Tuesday to make their first public statements about the new developments in the case.

Walking down their gravel road near St. Joseph, Minnesota, Jerry and Patty Wetterling talk to the media about 52 year old Daniel Heinrich without mentioning him by name.

Jerry Wetterling said “This is a little awe-striking let me tell you.”
Heinrich is a person of interest in the disappearance of the Wetterling’s son Jacob in 1989.

He was never arrested until last week, months after authorities raided his Annandale, home, looking for Jacob’s remains and his clothing.

Instead, they found reams of child porn.

DNA also linked Heinrich to an unsolved kidnapping and sexual assault of a boy in Cold Spring less than a year before Jacob disappeared.

The two cases have often been believed to be carried out by the same suspect.

“We still don’t know who took Jacob. We have as many questions or more as all of you, and we will let law enforcement and the courts and the process continue and we’ll watch impatiently for answers, but the one question that we have said for 26 years is, where’s Jacob?”, said Patty.

The Wetterlings are focusing on a positive message of hope, that one day they will know what happened to their little boy.

Jerry said “No one person can solve this case and bring Jacob home. It takes all of us working together to do that.”

Patty said “And that’s what we’re always going to ask, is where is Jacob? That’s what we’ve been trying to find all of these years and I really believe that somebody in this community knows.”

The Wetterlings are once again asking anyone with knowledge about the case to come forward.

Authorities say Heinrich has denied involvement in Jacob’s disappearance.

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