Police Report Multiple Vehicle Break In’s and Gun Thefts

West Fargo and Fargo police say to avoid theft people should take the necessary steps to keep their valuables safe.
Law enforcement says as you pack up your vehicle to head out hunting, you should have your high valued items secured at all times.

So that you aren’t a victim of theft.
“Though those vehicles were parked close to their garage doors or close to their homes they still have to take those extra precautions and certainly lock their doors,” said Lt. Michael Mitchell of Fargo Police.
West Fargo police say that at least six guns have been stolen in the four to five cases they currently have under investigation.
“After they get the taste of the first one they also know what weekend it is too. So they’re out there looking for the same things as well. It’s one of those things where the if the time of year may or may not reflect the amount happening but what items are missing definitely start show especially during this week,” said Detective Tim Roncorn of West Fargo Police.
West Fargo and Fargo police say to keep your valuables safe it is important to double check that your doors are locked.
They also stress that firearms should be kept inside.

Christian Berg lives in the Deer Creek neighborhood, which is one of the areas that has experienced multiple thefts; He says he recently had a close call.
Berg says, “My back right door was cracked opened a little bit, I didn’t think much of it. I got in my car finally and it said theft attempted I’m sitting here thinking what?”
He was able to make sense of the message after a neighbor told him about the recent thefts.
“All the sudden I get a text a few days later day your car got broke into the other night, and I was putting everything together it all makes sense now,” he adds.

Police say as a precaution you should write down the make, model, and serial number for all of your firearms and leave the information in a safe.

The serial numbers can help police trace and potentially track down stolen firearms.

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