Warm November Weather Helps Seasonal Businesses

You may have seen lawn crews out working still and Christmas lights going up a little earlier as well.

The warmer-than-average November weather has allowed business to pick up for seasonal service companies in the metro.

Lawn businesses and Christmas decorating companies in the metro are not complaining that Mother Nature is taking her time with winter like weather.

It has helped them get more done and a whole lot faster.

Companies like Chips Clips Lawn Care and Snow Removal, revolve around weather conditions.

The earlier months weren’t much of year for snow removal, but they have seen business pick up for lawn services.
“Well we had a kind of early spring and now even into fall we’re into November at this point,” says Derick Williamson of Chips Clips Lawn Care and Snow Removal.
With time, snow will make its way here.

Williamson says he company is busy getting ready for it.
“Looking at getting everything powered and washed, and cleaned up by the end of this week, next week,” says Williamson.
“When you have cold weather it hinders progress that’s all it is.” says Zach Delorme of Christmas Décor.
From day to night, the nice weather has allowed lighting companies like Christmas Décor in Fargo to be way ahead of schedule this year.
“When its cold out there like that it’s hard it’s tough on product, best thing we can do is ask for more sixty degree days in November, it’s a great fall,” says Delorme.
People in the area don’t seem to mind, the feel of Christmas spirit starting a little early.
“It’s beautiful and it kind of makes you feel happy,” says Dylan Mahoney.
Companies like Christmas Décor say the benefit of our warmer weather allows its clients to enjoy the beauty of their lights a longer this year.

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