A Hair-Raising Story: Man Buns Now Trending

For some men that may be trying to follow the man bun trend, but just don’t have enough hair, there’s a new item that can help: clip-in man buns.

Stylists at M.J. Capelli are cutting away to give their clients a new look.

While M.J. Capelli Stylist Wil Walsh helps women cut their hair off, he says there are more men looking for extra hair for the top of their head.

And some men are finding this hair with the help of the clip-in man bun.

“We’ve gotten used to the idea of women coming in looking for hair pieces longer hair thicker hair,” Walsh said. “Why can’t men do it as well?”

Groupon is now offering the man bun item for $9.99. The fake hair comes in shades of black, brown, or blonde.

“The time we live in I guess where they’re now creating clip–in man buns,” said M.J. Capelli Stylist Emily Morse.

While there are men trying to grow the perfect mane of hair, social media as well as a number of women are saying they should keep clipping off their locks.

“It’s terrible,” said Kayla Adams of Fargo.

“I’m not really a fan, some people can rock it some people can’t,” said Megan Swenson, downtown shopper. 

While some men aren’t able to grow the perfect man bun, some stylists say there are other ways to do their hair.

“I tell them usually to just trim up the ends not take like too much off just so it like stays healthy, and just like keep styling it the way they want it to like eventually lay just so it doesn’t look awkward,” Morse said. 

The clip–in man buns may be the new hat for some.

But you won’t hear all men saying ‘hats off’ to this idea.

The man bun clip–ins are valued at more than $65 on Groupon.

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