Woman Wins Fight Against RMV; Wears Religious Colander in License Photo

For all of us that go to the D-M-V, we know it always seems like a battle, whether it’s getting your new license or renewing your registration.
But one Massachusetts woman has won her battle all in an effort to celebrate her religion…of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Really.  This is a real thing.
“I’m like, ‘you’re discriminating against us just because you haven’t heard of us?’  You know it’s like, there’s how many thousands of religions?  How are you going to know all of them?  So, I hope this helps open the door so other people can go and don’t have to have that hassle,” says Pastafarian Lindsay Miller.

The fight between the Massachusetts RMV and Miller didn’t get as bloody as Ronda Rousey getting a smackdown from Holly Home, but Miller did succeed in getting to wear her religious headdress.

A colander.

Miller describes herself as a “Pastafarian” and a member of the ‘Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster”.

When the RMV tried to keep her from covering her head, The American Humanist Association stepped in and filed an appeal on religious freedom.

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