The Buzz: Disgruntled Hotel Guest; News Reporter Finds Bank Robber on LIVE TV; Star Wars Reaction

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A dissatisfied guest drove his truck through the lobby of an Alva, Oklahoma hotel last week.

Take a look at this crazy video.

62–year–old John Parsley was apparently angry over a billing dispute.

A worker for the hotel says it centered around a $264 pre–authorization charge on his debit card.

The charge showed up after his card was declined and he was forced to pay for his room in cash.

The hotel reportedly removed the charge, but Parsley was still angry.

After he and hotel staff both called the police, he hit the gas, driving straight into the lobby.

The two workers behind the desk say it’s a miracle they weren’t hurt.

Parsley is now facing charges.


A bank robbery in Rochester is caught on live TV, sort of.

“Tyler just 24 hours ago this bank…that’s the robber right there. Oh that’s the robber! “

That is reporter Adam Sallet from KIMT News 3 beginning a LIVE report this morning outside of a Sterling State Bank branch about a string of robberies in the city.

Just seconds into his report, a bank employee runs up and interrupts Sallet to tell him a bank robber has just struck again.
The employee pointed to someone running away.

Sallet quickly ended his report and called 911.

The robbery suspect is in custody, and police believe he also tried to rob that bank yesterday.


‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ held its first official screening in California.

The film premiered at the famed Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

Even by intergalactic standards, it’s expected to be a spectacle.

Here’s what the fans had to say about the movie after the screening.

“The look and the feel of the film is like the old trilogy. It felt like home. It felt warm and fuzzy.

“It was a very emotional and crazy movie and perfect and awesome. I loved the cast and the shots were great.

“It’s much more like the original Star Wars movies than the prequels were because there’s a lot of practical in camera effects.  There’s not as much CG going on so you’re actually seeing stuff. The sets that they built and the characters that they made.

After years of delays and a relentless ad campaigns, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” opens Thursday here in Fargo.

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