Car Racing is Roaring Back to Fargo: Speedway to Reopen in 2016

Start your engines!  Friday night racing is making its way back to the valley.

KVRR’s Brittany Ford has more on the return of racing at Red River Valley Speedway. Brittany?
TJ, it’s been 3-years since races were held in West Fargo.

One racer I spoke with says its return will bring back an old time tradition.
Michael Johnson of Moorhead says Friday night racing at the Red River Valley Speedway is a tradition his dad started before he was even born.
“We went every Friday night, from the time I was about a year old up until I started racing when I was 14,”said Michael Johnson local racer.
Johnson has now been racing for 20-years, and currently races at tracks in both Glyndon and Ada.

He says speedway’s return is like bringing back a piece of home.
“Speedway is our home track that I grew up at so it’s exciting to get to back there, where most of my good memories are there; happened at that place,” said Michael.
He also says there is one thing that always made speedway special.
“Best part of that is getting done with work Friday evening, and going out there and spending the night out there, and just have that kick off your weekend,” said Michael.
New Owner Nick Skalicky says moving forward, people headed out to the races won’t see much of a change.
“This is a place that’s unique on its own, so we feel going back to Friday nights we should have a pretty good car count draw. Right now were kind of hoping for that 70-car count between the four classes that we’ll be having,” said Skalicky.
13 races have already been scheduled for the 2016 season. The first race is scheduled for Friday, May 6.

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