Garth Brooks Mania Hits Fargo!

After last week’s system crash, Garth Brooks tickets went back on sale this morning, and after another overwhelming response, the superstar added two more shows to meet the demand.

It’s been almost 20 years since Garth Brooks has performed in Fargo, and fans can’t wait to see the shameless country star hit the Fargodome stage.

After last week’s ticket sales crashed the Fargodome’s system, Garth Brooks is “giving his friends in low places” what they’ve been asking for.
“He’s my favorite singer up there with Hank Williams senior he’s up there with the kings, and I got my ticket the first Thursday it came out,” said Christian Luckhardt of Fargo.
For diehard fans like Christian Luckhardt, trying to secure his ticket during last week’s fiasco was a nail-biting feat in itself.
“I was very excited. My heart was dropping, my stomach was dropping, when it crashed and when I got it I was happier, it made my day,” said Christian.
The F-M Tourism Board says they are also looking forward the country star’s big return.
“It’s 1998 all over again; I mean the same thing happened last time. It was almost 20-years ago so its 18-years ago the guy has phenomenal staying power,”said Charley Johnson of FM tourism.
Johnson says the extended shows make all the difference when it comes to the area’s tourism numbers.
“From our standpoint at the CVB is obviously, we like people to come to town and stay overnight. So this Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday night, and even Sunday night show I think that means there will be more people in hotels and more people eating out before and after,” said Johnson.
And for Brooks’ fans crashing the phone and online ticket sites, securing their golden ticket is leaving them speechless and in awe.
“I can’t even describe it. I have no words. Thank God for the internet,” said Christian.
Officials say Brooks’ record setting ticket sales in 1998 are now in the dust as this year’s concert has long surpassed it with the number climbing every hour.

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