THE BUZZ: Mayville Man Shows Up World Golf Pros; Carson Wentz’s Big Catch


A local Mayville man is getting some pretty hefty props from the world after he is challenged by world famous golf pros to put his money where his mouth is.
David Johnson doesn’t sound like a name you would associate with the likes of Rory McIlroy, Andy Sullivan, Justin Rose and Henrik Stenson.

But Johnson is setting the sports world on fire after he is overheard heckling McIlroy from the crowd for missing a 12 foot putt as he practiced for the Ryder Cup.

Rather than ignore the jeers, Stenson calls Johnson onto the greens and challenges him to make the putt himself and Rose slaps down $100 dollar bill just to sweeten the pot.

That’s when it happened.

Johnson lines up for the putt, takes his time and sinks the ball while the crowd goes wild while chanting USA! USA!

Johnson then celebrates by throwing fists into the air for landing the chance of a lifetime as the European golfers slap him on the back and everyone gets a hug.

All four players then signed the back of the $100 bill.

Johnson, who is married to Mayville State’s Volleyball Coach, Lindsey Johnson, says he is framing it.

The Ryder Cup begins tomorrow at Hazeltine.


Local football hero Carson Wentz and his team the Philadelphia Eagles have a bye week.

So what does the North Dakota man do on his week off?

He lands a buck!

He posted this snapshot on his Facebook page with the caption:
What do you do on your bye week? You get your first bow buck! Thanks Doug Burgum for the help!!! #ndlegendary #Sitka.

Which by the way is the gear Carson is wearing.

The pic has been liked more than 5,000 and it has been shared nearly 600 times.

One person wrote:
Carson doesn’t need a bow. The way I heard the story he threw the arrow straight thru that deer.
Another person said:
Week 2 he hunted some Bears, week 4 during the bye he hunted some bucks, week 5 he will be hunting some Lions.

And even one woman said there are lots of bucks near her home and invited Carson to stay.

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