Klieman: NDSU vs. Missouri State: Last Year’s Win Doesn’t Mean Much

The Bison football team is fresh off a big homecoming win on Saturday.

Now, NDSU starts the toughest part of its schedule, playing three of the next four on the road.

At the beginning of the year when the Herd looked at the middle part of its schedule, a grueling three of four away from home stretch maybe wasn’t as grueling because it was starting at Missouri State.

The Bears have been down recently, but they aren’t down anymore.

Last year, NDSU hardly batted an eyelash at MSU.

The Bison won that game 55 to nothing, catapulting themselves into the playoffs.

And while anything’s possible, don’t expect a 55 nothing triumph on Saturday.

Missouri State is coming off a big win on the road at ranked Indiana State by three scores.

Coach Chris Klieman says last year’s win doesn’t mean much now.

“They’re playing a bunch of young guys and it’s most of the same young guys that played last year. And I really think you can take a lot of last year’s film and throw it out because all these guys are a year more experienced,” said Coach Klieman. “They’re stronger, they’re faster, they’re more athletic. I think from a skill point offensively, they have a number of guys who can beat ya.”

Yes they do.

As a matter of fact, the bears are beating lots of teams.

Missouri State already 3-1 on the year.

In Sports, we’ll hear from Coach Klieman on where exactly Missouri State is getting production.

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