Coach Klieman, Bison Team Mourning Loss of Family Member

The NDSU football team may have beaten Missouri State on Saturday, but the team’s focus is elsewhere.

Bison running back and Moorhead native Chase Morlock lost his father, Paul, to a battle with cancer.

Paul Morlock was as respected a member as you’ll find in the Moorhead community.

He’d been battling cancer for more than a year, when he passed away Saturday after NDSU’s win in Springfield, and he is on the minds of everyone in Bison Nation.

Morlock’s son, Chase, did not make the trip with his teammates on Saturday, staying behind to spend time with his family.

The support is coming in from all angles of the community, both athletic and not.

We have video of a benefit held in January for Morlock when he said he was overwhelmed with the community response.

Bison Coach Chris Klieman was very emotional talking about when he learned the news Saturday after the game.

“I quickly talked to Nick Deluca…” Coach said as he tried to hold back his emotion. “Who told me Paul had passed.” Coach Klieman paused again, waiting to continue. “They’re going to be there this week for Chase and Chase’s family as well. And this week we’ll have some challenges as well.”

Klieman would not make a prediction on whether Chase would play this Saturday.

He simply said that’s up to Chase.

We’ll have more on the football aspect of the game in sports.

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