Fargo Theatre Runs Governor’s Debate For Free

The Fargo Theatre will be showing the third North Dakota governor’s debate.

“Whether we look good or Burgum looks good, at least everyone gets to see it,” says Josh Dryer, Marvin Nelson’s Campaign Manager.

The third North Dakota governor’s debate didn’t make television screens in area homes.

Marvin Nelson’s campaign wants to make sure there’s a way for people to still watch it.

“I didn’t want our media people to do it specifically, just because I wanted it to be a non–partisan, fair kind of thing,” Dryer said.

He reached out to Chamber Six Media to see if they’d be interested in covering it.

The production group drove to Bismarck to record and produce the debate to upload on its YouTube channel.

They were not paid.

“I don’t think that North Dakota voters deserve to have part of the debates and any information that could be relevant to them or their decision for who to vote for more or less be censored,” says Kevin Ackley,Chamber Six Media.

And on Monday, the people of Fargo have the opportunity to tune in for free.

The debate will be showing every hour on the top of the hour starting at 11 a.m. to 11 p.m with it’s last showing at 10 p.m.

“There are a lot of voters who don’t have extreme internet access and definitely aren’t internet savvy and don’t know where to look for it,” Ackley says.

“There’s nothing like watching something on a big screen, with a crowd of people in a darkened theater. That’s the magic of cinema,” says Oscar De Leon, Chamber Six Media.

Since we’re just days away from the election, both Chamber Six Media and the Nelson campaign want to make sure you cover your bases.

“If you really want to know where Doug stands on issues, where we stand on issues this is kind of the only media you get to see,” Dryer says.

The Nelson Campaign paid $500 to run the debate.

The debate is free for the public to watch.

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