NDSU Bison: Final Helmet Run for Seniors Saturday

The Bison football team is gearing up to play its final home game of the year this Saturday.

That means that NDSU’s senior class will run out of the helmet for the final time, at least in the regular season.

It is the final home game of the regular season.

The Bison are poised to host a playoff game again, but they’ll honor the seniors before that and let all of you at home cheer them one more time.

Eleven seniors will give Chris Klieman a big hug when they run out of that helmet before battling Indiana State.

The group of 11 represents the smallest senior class since the Bison had only seven in 2012, but that doesn’t mean the impact hasn’t been there, because it has.

Names like MJ Stumpf and Jack Plankers come to mind for the impact they’ve made.

NDSU Coach Chris Klieman says this group deserves a ton of credit, particularly the fifth year guys.

“You know, the motto of “those who stay will be champions,” in my mind…those guys are the big champions,” said Coach Klieman. “If you’ve been here five years and you see guys that came in your class slowly go away, slowly go away…there’s only a handful of them left…I’m so proud of those guys.”

The mood around Senior Day is of course a positive one, but the Bison got not some positive news regarding Nate Tanguay‘s availability for Saturday and beyond.

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