Athletes Shine at First Ever FargoMania

Energy is high as the community comes together for a healthy cause.

The green and yellow jerseys we all know may catch your attention at TNT Kid’s Fitness and Gymnastics.

“I love the Bison Football,” says athlete Marisa Mullendore.

But all eyes were on 27 special needs athletes who are ready for the spotlight.

“I’m in heat 3 and in the very first competition I got first,” says athlete Lisa Anderson.

TNT, Community Living Services and CrossFit Icehouse hosted the first ever FargoMania competition for adults with disabilities.

“It’s been an emotional week wrapping up for this… in the best possible way. It’s just seeing the positive attitudes, the confidence that these athletes have really started to build,” says Courtney Shoemaker, CrossFit IceHouse.

The competition gives an opportunity for those involved to strive for an overall healthier lifestyle.

The athletes trained for 8 weeks getting ready for the big day but the preparation didn’t end when the competition started.

 NSDU football players helped guide them and stayed by their side until the end.

“They’re just so happy you just want to give them a hug,” says NDSU football player Tre’ Dempsey.

It’s a day to remember for everyone.

“Their hearts are truly happy and it’s a good thing to see,” Dempsey says.

“I would love to keep on going,” says Mullendore.

Organizers are planning on having the same event next year.

They also hope to find a way to train the athletes all year long.

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