Authorities Call For More Help Dealing With Pipeline Riot On Highway 1806

A call has been put out for extra law enforcement help in Morton County at the site of the Dakota Access Oil Pipeline protest.

They are asking authorities to head to Highway 1806 where around 400 protesters are trying to remove a blockade from the Backwater Bridge, north of a protest camp.

Protesters are attempting to breach the bridge to go north on Highway 1806.

Officers on the scene are describing protester’s actions as very aggressive.

Protesters have also engaged in organized tactical movement and attempted to attack law enforcement.

There are unconfirmed reports by witnesses on the scene live streaming the action that law enforcement has used tear gas, water cannons and rubber bullets on protesters.

There has also been a warning that a “sonic weapon” known as a LRAD is being used.

Temperatures in the area were in the 20’s at the time.

We will continue to follow this story and bring you the latest as we get it.